The Queen Photographers

016 | Barbara Grimes, Confidence and Speaking Things into Existence


  • (:33) Intro – Confidence
  • (1:05) How to Join the Queen Photographers
  • (1:43) Putting Yourself Out There
  • (7:11) How Barbara Got Started in Photography
  • (10:11) Transition to a New City
  • (10:59) Challenges Barbara Faced
  • (13:33) Favorite Project
  • (17:03) Hobbies Outside of Photography
  • (17:45) Advice for Newer Photographers
  • (19:25) Outro – Confidence


Here’s where you can find Barbara online!


Barbara Yvonne photography




Check out last week’s episode here.





  • Davenetain Magee

    March 26, 2018

    Ive listened to a lot of the podcasts, but this one was the best by far. VERY GENUINE!!! I wish her nothing but success. Your work is beautiful Barbara. Great Podcast Latoya . Its a great day to be a QUEEN PHOTOGRAPHER!

  • Lisa

    March 29, 2018

    I’ve know Barbara since she was a teen and I’m So very Proud of her stepping outside of herself and taking this leap of faith! Many Blessings BYG Photography!

    Thanks to the Queen Photographer for giving the rest of the World to the Opportunity to see the Light in Barbara!

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