Hi, Queens!

We’re Latoya Dixon Smith and Sierra Collins, Founder & Co-Founder of the Queen Photographers, and we are so glad you’ve found this community of Black women photographers.

Here’s why:

Latoya and her family moved to Greenville, SC, back in 2013. New to the world of photography, she wanted to connect with another aspiring photographer in her new city. To her surprise she found Sierra and reached out to her on Instagram. From that moment Latoya & Sierra would exchange photography tips, talk about starting photography businesses, and even coordinated shoots together out in town.

We know what it’s like to just get started in photography and we know what it’s like to not have a strong network who can support you through your wins and your challenges.

This is why we created The Queen Photographers. It is our personal mission to ensure that each and every Queen finds and leverages the support of another Queen in her city and that we utilize our network, The Queen Photographers Collaborative to succeed in both business and in Sisterhood.

What started as a Facebook group of 30 black women in South Carolina is now an international collaborative of Black Women Photographers around the globe.

We want to see to it that you find photography and business resources, mentors, and even encouragement as you start or build your business.

want to join us?

Are you looking for a welcoming community of other black women photographers who help each other in their photography businesses? Become a member of our community!