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Brown Girl with a Camera comes to Greenville, SC

(continued from Early Beginnnings)

After spending a solid two weeks contacting photograpHERs across South Carolina, the exciting date had come, our Brown Girl with a Camera meet-up with founder, Ruby Melton.  We selected Furman University’s campus for our location and “Modern Day Southern Belles” as the theme. For a hot, South Carolina day it was the perfect mix of green grass, beautiful buildings, a rose garden, and on-campus pond.  A work of art does not come without preparation, however.  Hours before, I’d been greeting new faces who were to be the models for the shoot, awaiting full-face glamour provided by our make-up artist, Jasmine Mills (J.Millz the Artist) of A Milli’ion Cosmetics.  In my kitchen we all discussed being new in our craft, our growing pains, what we loved, and what we hated (which we found to be our own self-doubt).  It was a beautifully raw moment of candid girl-talk, photographer-talk, and creative-talk in general.  After the models were touched by the hands of Jasmine and got outfitted into their first look, we headed to to Furman’s campus.


Jasmine Mills, better known as J.Mill, the Artist, getting our model (& fellow photograpHER) Stacey Smith, ready for the shoot

black female photographers, queen photographers of sc, qpsc

Eyelash application by J. Mills, the Artist on model, Coreeia



As with any new encounter with strangers, the first half hour of shooting was a bit tense, as we were feeling each other out, getting acquainted with the models, and trying to fight back the sweat on that hot, humid day.  Eventually we all found our grooves and even with more than 10 photograpHERs and models, we made the day a success as can been seen through each of our captures.


black female photographers, queen photographers of sc, south carolina photographers

Images by Sasha Q Photography


black female photographers, queen photographers of sc, south carolina photographers

Images by C. Canty Studios


black female photographers, queen photographers of sc, south carolina photographers

Images by Sierra C Photography


queen photographers of sc, black female photographers

Images by Latoya Dixon Photography


What should be noted here is that although the subjects never changed, each individual photo is quite different. And those differences are what we wish to celebrate through the Queen PhotograpHERs of SC.  Many of us operate within the same cities, but we make a conscious decision to not allow competition to spoil our sense of community and sisterhood.  We believe that we were purposefully drawn together, uniting under our shared love of photography, to help each other be the best versions of ourselves.  Black women photographers in South Carolina are here to show the world (and ourselves) that we too are talented, creative, produce amazing content, but most importantly that we can do so while also being supporters of one other.

This was the first unofficial meeting of the Queen PhotograpHERs of SC, and it was made possible by Brown Girl with a Camera.  This would be the catalyst for future relationships, subsequent gatherings, and a growing network of talented women of color photographers to grace the Carolinas.


Back Row: Denise Petersen, Sierra Collins, Quamecia Barr-Thomas, Ruby Melton, Cindy Canty; Front Row: Latoya Dixon, Charmane Freeman-Greene, Rachel Jean-Baptiste, Stacey Smith, Coreeia Antionette, Shakhan Kelly, Sasha Johnson


Are you a woman of color in photography (any level of expertise) within South Carolina? Let us know where you are in your journey at


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