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Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Style

There is no one-size-fits-all in photography. No two photographers will offer you the same service or style. This is why it’s important to choose the right photographer for the style you’re after.

Often times, as photographers, we may run into clients who really enjoy our quality of work, but wish to change our style of photographing and editing. This creates conflict, because while we wish to satisfy our clients, we aim to do so with quality and consistent work. It’s like going to a Rolls Royce dealership, asking for a Ferrari.

Our Queen Photographers exhibit many different styles and genres of photography. To give you a better picture of what styles some of our Queen Photographers offer, we’ve provided descriptions below of different styles our photographers employ in their work.  Keep these in mind as you search for your next photographer. What is consistently shown in their portfolios is what you’re likely to receive as a client. These differences in style are merely at the discretion of the individual photographer and her own creative expression.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is the art of the everyday. These images aim to capture documentary-style, real-life events. Lifestyle photography creates a genuine feel without any posing or forced laughs.


Photo Cred: Aneris Photography

Flash Photography

Flash photography introduces artificial light into the shooting scene.  Flashes or strobes can give a photo a more dramatic feel while properly lighting the subjects especially at nighttime or in dark rooms.


Photo Cred: Purple Goose Photography

HDR Photography

HDR stands for high dynamic range.  In post-processing HDR images can be achieved by combining a series of images to compensate for the highlights and shadows at different shutter speeds.  That’s all photography nerd speak for “your photos will look a little more dreamy and high-definition.


Photo Cred: Kim Craven Photography

Fashion Photography

This genre of photography is geared toward beauty and fashion trends.  Fashion photographers must utilize all the elements of a shoot (hair, makeup, location, and props) to evoke the mood of the shoot.  Those elements are typically dramatized.


Photo Cred: The Little Photog

Film Photography

Film is not dead! Before we had the luxury and convenience of digital cameras, there was film.  Film photography, a more manual process, offers a much more timeless aesthetic.  Many photographers still use this medium for shoots, or decide to shoot both digital and film (called hybrid photographers).  Nowadays there are presets and filters that emulate film, but ain’t nothing like the real thing!




Photo Cred: Latoya Dixon Photography

The next time you’re looking for a photographer, know that it’s best to look for a particular style, rather than trying to find a photographer to mold to the style you’re after.  This not only stunts their creativity, but often times leaves you, as a client, dissatisfied.  There are many styles of photography and most photographers have developed their consistent style, which they highlight in their portfolios.  To check out more images from the Queen Photographers of SC, follow us on Instagram. We highlight each of our Queens daily!


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    March 7, 2017

    This post was everything! Perfect explanation of different types of photography styles!

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