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Ep 005: Latasha Haynes of Ike & Tash – On Community, Finding a Mentor, and Showing Up

We’re so excited to have Latasha Haynes from Ike & Tash on episode 005 of The Queen Photographers Podcast. Don’t forget that you can listen in on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.


How Tash Got Started in Photography

Tash shares how she grew up in foster care, aged out of the system, and was enamored by memories. Never knowing what her family looked like, she wanted the family she created to have tangible memories of their family and the stories they told.

Photography initially wasn’t something Tash persued on purpose. Tash used photography as her outlet while pulling through her depression. She started shooting families but has grown to find her love for shooting high school seniors.

On being a Husband & Wife Photography Team

Tash, then doing business as Latasha Haynes Photography, started shooting families, while her husband Ike was the assistant. The birth of their daughter Wisdom moved them to rebrand to Ike & Tash and it also allowed them to include both weddings and teens.  This way, clients got the best of both worlds.

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BLINK Conference

Tash refers to the BLINK Conference as her 2nd child. This movement was created from the feeling that people of color were lacking in representation in the industry. Tash and her husband Ike, realized there was a gap between the minority photographers and mainstream photographers. There was an entire community of photographers who were not being marketed to.

BLINK is a space where up and coming talent as well as more mainstream photographers speak on platforms for more diversity in both ethnicity but areas of focus as well.

#BecauseofBlink – the hashtag created by BLINK Conference attendees based on the impact felt at BLINK. Moving.

The next BLINK Conference will be in Seattle, Washington on  November 9-12, 2017. Registration is $995.

How Community is Built

Tash knows what like to not have a space where you fit. Creating a space to allow people to collaborate with each other has always been her goal. The fact that she is a giver reinforces her role as a community leader.

“It wasn’t easy to find people to mentor us. When people trust you they’re willing to follow you and follow your lead.

We didn’t create the community, the community built itself.

On Mentorship

Tash shared with us how one can find mentorship:

Don’t feel ike you have arrived. Find someone who resonates you who has the answer to the thing you’re interested in learning.

Be willing to invest and pay that price to access that mentor and the information they’re willing to invest in you.

Home in on what your goals are, not based on popularity.

Ike & Tash Street Team

The Ike & Tash Street team is an opportunity for high school seniors to join Ike & Latasha on their journeys to help spread the message about their brand. Not only that, but but Tash saw their referrals as an opportunity to take street team and pour into them. Now in their 8th year in senior model program they get over 300 applications yearly. They utilize their platform to tap into the girls’ strengths.

On Showing Up

Tash stresses the importance of showing up, especially in communities created with such a specific focus. Showing up doesn’t always suggest that you are there to receive, but that each of us also has something to give. We invite you to show up to the next Queen Photographers event. Join our community now for the next update!

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