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Ep 006: How I Transitioned from My 9 to 5 to Full Time Photographer with Ebony Stubbs

We’re so excited to have Ebony Stubbs from Rae Images on episode 006 of The Queen Photographers Podcast. Don’t forget that you can listen in on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.


How Ebony Got Started in Photography

Ebony, like most photographers, searched for a creative outlet outside of work, giving her the introduction to photography.  She took a class on how to use her camera and later took private photography lessons from a local photographer.

Great Work Ethic Leads to Opportunities

Ebony attributes her fast growth to her incredible work ethic. Working two jobs and weekends made her no stranger to the world of hustle. She made her newfound love of photography a priority, no different.

Personal and Professional Development Through Business Coaching

Ebony’s mentor provided her with one on one sessions, offering critique and issuing homework in order for her to track her growth.   Ebony has also participated in group business coaching and mentoring programs where she received guidance on how to grow her business and learn aspects of building a business that most people overlook.

Transitioning to Full Time Photographer

Instead of making the glorified “leap” into full-time photography, Ebony made small shifts in her corporate job as an HR professional. This included accepting shorter contract that allowed her to fully transition in a year and a half.


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Ebony leaves of with the following resources, books, and influencers that have inspired her along in her journey. Check them out:


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