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How We Grew Our Instagram Following to Find Our Target Audience

Instagram can offer your business a huge marketing advantage if utilized properly.  Whenever we first started the @queenphotogs account (previously the Queen Photographers of SC), we had no idea what content would engage our audience much focusing on who that target demographic was.  Over time we grew our Instagram following to find our target audience and these were the steps that we took.


Our Instagram Growth Story

In June 2016, we had 417 followers on our account.  At the time, our focus was primarily on the woman of color photographer and her clients in South Carolina. Typical posts consisted of reposting images taken by our #QPSC members. Our membership totaled about 90 members and we had just reached 1000 posts under our hashtag. HAPPY DANCE!  This is when we realized we needed to be more intentional with our posts. Around this time we did not have a clear strategy on how we chose images or even our expectations from our followers or people that would have found us.

queen photogs instagram

First Instagram Posts


What We Changed

This is where our social media manager, Jean came in!  We brought Jean onto the team because she understood the vision of the organization, could manage our social media content, and had a great rapport with the CoFounders. With a strategy in place, we were confident that our following would grow. And it did. Our strategy includes themed daily & monthly posts. We meet once a month to go over scheduled events, launches, and themes which helps us plan out our calendar for key dates. One of the perks of themes is it gives our audience something to look forward to, like #tiptuesday or #photocrushwednesday, where we feature some of our favorite {heart eye emoji} images using our new hashtag #queenphotogs


Utilizing Hashtags

We made full use of the different types of hashtags (check out this post for more details on that) Not only which ones we used but how we inserted them in the post to keep the caption clean.

Posting Consistently

Although we were posting 2-3 times a day, we later determined the best times to post. An early morning post, a late afternoon post, and an evening post yields the best results for our audience.

Instagram Business Account

Switching from a personal Instagram account to a Business account was not an easy decision.  While many businesses quickly opted to make the switch to see the perks of Instagram analytics, still others were skeptical of how the change might affect our reach. And we were one of those skeptics.  Ultimately, we decided that tracking our statistics is helpful for us as we continue to build and engage our following.

queen photogs instagram

Current Instagram Feed

By the Numbers

Beginning count

  • December 5th 2015 we made our first post with zero followers and by June of 2016 we had grown to 417 Instagram followers

Midway count

  • By the end of December of 2016 with our new strategy we had grown to 972 IG followers, surpassing our own expectations and mini goals we’d set. On January 7th 2017 we hit a huge milestone with 1000 followers.


Current Analytics

  • As of today we currently have 1264 Instagram followers. Even more impressive than the growth in followers is the increase in quality engagement with a genuine following. The uptick in post likes, followers leaving provoking comments and questions is a direct reflection of our growing community.

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