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Meet the ALs – QPSC Columbia

The Queen Photographers initially started out as just QPSC, the Queen Photographers of SC.  Currently, over half of our membership resides in the Palmetto State.  Columbia, SC, the Capital, is the most represented city of the entire Queen Photographers organization. Our QPSC Columbia Queens are led by 3 area leaders– whom you will meet in today’s blog post:
Tiffany Douglas, Sunshine’s Photography
tiffanydouglasWhat do you specialize in?: Wedding Photography
Something Unique You Do To Prepare for a Shoot?:  I am sort of a Facebook stalker.  I always use Facebook to learn more about clients so that I can connect more with them during their session.
What Do You Listen To While Editing: It depends on the photos that I’m editing.  Normally, I’m listening to Toni Braxton station but if I need a little pep.. I’ll turn to Beyonce or Rihanna station!
Piece of Advice You’d Give to Your next Client: Research your photographer. Every photographer has a different style so you want to make sure the photographer you select has the style that interests you the most.  This includes their editing style along with products they offer, etc.
Piece of Advice You’d Give To a New Photographer: Enjoy the learning process! There’s soooo much to learn in photography, which can make it overwhelming at times.  But have FUN!  Don’t be afraid to break the rules, step out of the box, and try new things.  This helps you develop your style and makes you unique!
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Tangela Kitchens, Tangela Kitchens Photography
What do you specialize in? Sports and school photography
Something Unique You Do To Prepare for a Shoot? I have a check list my son reads off to make sure I have packed everything (He says he’s my assistant lol)
What Do You Listen To While Editing? 90’s R&B
Piece of Advice You’d Give to Your next Client: Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self
Piece of Advice You’d Give To a New Photographer: Don’t be afraid to step out and create your signature.
Where Can We Find You Online?

Kristen Gordon, Lavish Moments Photography

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What do you specialize in?: Portraits
Something Unique You Do To Prepare for a Shoot?: Once I have all the details of the shoot (creative style, location, occasion, etc.) I like to prepare with doing research on poses and best angles to capture or thinking of creative ideas to bring the client’s vision to life. If it is at a location I have never been to before, I like to scope out the area prior to the day of the shoot but around the same time the session would be, if possible, to get an idea of how the lighting will be.
What Do You Listen To While Editing: This honestly depends on what kind of session I’m editing. Is that just me? Lol. If it is an engagement/couple or family session, I like to listen to soothing music. Right now, I am vibing with Lianne La Havas! I put her album on, make a glass of wine and I’m in the zone. If it’s just a portrait session or a styled shoot, I turn on my dancing music. Most likely, Drake or something that I think would be playing if we had music at the shoot. lol I have to listen to something that puts me in the mood!
Piece of Advice You’d Give to Your next Client: Just try to be comfortable and trust the photographer! Often times we hear “I’m very awkward in front of the camera” or “I don’t really take pictures well.”  But I think when you worry too much about looking awkward during the session, we lose the creativity and the moments that would best capture your personality. Be yourself, have fun and the images will reflect!
Piece of Advice You’d Give To a New Photographer: Be patient. Trust and enjoy your journey through learning and growing with your photography. Figure out what you specialize in and what you think your style is. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Find a mentor and try to connect with a photographer that you admire. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.
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