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denise benson photography qpsc rock hill

Meet the ALs – QPSC Rock Hill

Next up on our Meet the Area Leaders series is Denise Benson of Denise Benson Photography. Denise, based out of Rock Hill, SC, is our lone area leader for the Rock Hill and Charlotte areas.  Learn more about our favorite Type-A, get-it-done Queen below!

denise benson photography qpsc rock hill


What do you specialize in? Portrait photography (head shots/branding, families, seniors) and elopements/intimate weddings.
Top Two Favorite Photos You’ve Taken: denise benson photography qpsc
denise benson photography qpsc
Something Unique You Do To Prepare for a Shoot?  If my clients are on social media I try my best to friend/follow them so that I can gain a little insight into their personalities.  It helps me to get to know them a little more and to tailor their session around them.
What Do You Listen To While Editing? Typically I have the tv on in the background while editing.  Something that I’ve seen before (so I don’t become distracted).  Occasionally I will have music going and it’s usually something mellow like my Deborah Cox Pandora station, Mayer Hawthorne, Ed Shereen or something similar.
Piece of Advice You’d Give to Your next Client: I can’t stress enough the importance of a clean, put together look from head to toe.  If you’re spending the money to have professional photos taken then invest in the rest of the process as well.  Get your hair done/cut, get a manicure/pedicure, hire an MUA and carefully think about your wardrobe.  You’ll feel more confident and that will come through in your images.
Piece of Advice You’d Give To a New Photographer: Practice, practice, practice!  While learning from online/in person classes and books is great and something you should do to better your craft on a continuous basis, there’s nothing like actually getting out there and shooting.  I’ve learned so much just through trial and error.  So on a random weekend where you don’t have anything scheduled ask a friend or family member to go out with you so that you can practice different techniques.  You’ll get better with each session.


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