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Member Profile: Brittany Richardson

Member profiles highlight black women photographers who are active members inside of The Queen Photographers Virtual CoWorking Community. These photographers participate in weekly virtual video calls to connect, support, and give advice to fellow photographers on various stages of their professional journey.

In this post learn about Brittany Richardson of B. Rich Photography.

How did you get started in photography?
I have always been that girl with a camera. I have found joy in capturing other people for as long as I can remember. At every family function or lunch break in high school, I frequently had a camera with me documenting things as they unfolded.


Who inspired you along your journey?
My Mother. She has always been one to wear multiple hats and chase her own dreams while still being an amazing mother who was always been there for us. She worked a full time job while running her own side businesses to make ends meet and feed her dreams. I have always admired her drive. I believe that she is the reason why I go as hard as I do for my family and my business.


Who was the first person who believed in you?
I have two… My Husband, Sam Richardson, who was right beside me from day 1. He has been my confidant, my assistant during sessions/weddings, a consistent shoulder to lean on, my everything and I appreciate him for that. There is also my Mother, Patricia Way. She bought my first Nikon when I was still learning the ropes. She never once doubted my abilities but encouraged me to keep going.


What was the moment you knew you could be successful at photography?
When I realized that I had a genuine gift for building REAL relationships with people and through that gift, I could tell their stories and become MORE than just their photographer.


How do you define success for yourself?
Success and happiness go hand in hand for me. When the joy leaves, it’s time to re-evaluate what I am doing. If I truly love what I do, then I will continue to find the joy in it. When that shifts, it’s time to make some adjustments. The money will come as long as I am truly still happy doing what I am doing.


Give us a typical day in the life of YOU.
I am most certainly a night owl. Just last night, I stayed up until 3:30am finishing an engagement session that I was determined to complete before going to bed. I am most productive during late night hours. I am a late riser an not really a morning person. I WISH that I was! I’ve tried it and…. yeah… I failed miserably mulitple times. It normally takes me a while to really get moving mentally once I’m up physically. Breakfast is a hit or miss for me but Coffee is a MUST. Since I am a mother of two little ones, weekday mornings are usually very hectic so I very rarely eat as I am rushing to get everyone else dressed and out the door. Weekend mornings are when I cook most. I’m a southern girl down to the sugar on my grits 😉 so you know it goes down for breakfast time! I really try my best to block schedule the week and designate certain days for specific tasks. I work full time so when I get off, I have to first be Mommy (catching up with the kids on how their day went, getting homework done, and dinner started before the hubby gets home). I usually only take client (and sometimes family) calls after the kids are down. It’s important to me that I am PRESENT with them daily so I block out as many distractions as I can before their bed time. I usually don’t sit down to edit or do business things until around 9pm. My husband and I have an agreement that he handles bedtime on nights when I edit and have client meetings. Somewhere between 10pm and 11pm, the Hubs and I usually catch up on a show we’ve pre -recorded because we never catch anything live (who wants to see commercials anyway, right?). If I have a deadline to complete, I communicate this to my Husband and I take the time I need to complete whatever it is that I am working on. I really try my best to designate a night a week where I work on absolutely NOTHING photography related after the kids are down and I am just present with Him. It’s tough, but you have to also get that quality time in. This is the week-night struggle…. weekends are a completely different beast 😉


What’s been your most important skill you’ve developed as a photographer?
Patience and Resilience. I’ve learned that things will change at the drop of a dime. How I react to a sudden change is a true showcase of my character. I pride myself in the level of professionalism that I provide to my clients, even when things take a sudden shift. My Poker face game is strong!


What’s been your greatest challenge?
Initially, it was finding the right support system of peers but thankfully, through The Queen Photographers, I have found that. It’s tough to be in this industry alone and not having someone who truly understands the photography BUSINESS side. Companions are great but having someone in your corner who truly KNOWS what you mean on ANY aspect of the business has been super beneficial. A continuing challenge for me is finding balance (or harmony) in home, work, and everything else in between. I continuously check myself on where I invest time and readjust where needed but I must admit, after having children, this is the BIGGEST ongoing challenge.


What’s been your greatest reward in choosing photography?
As photographers we have the gift of freezing time. Isn’t that amazing? We capture heirloom memories for generations to enjoy years after the people in the photos have transitioned on. That’s deep… I am also thankful for the connections and relationships I have made with my clients, peers, and industry pros. It is truly important to network and support others as they support you. A genuine relationship with people who are vested in one another speaks volumes!


What do you want to learn from a community of your peers?
Tons! I’m a sponge and I believe that you can always learn something in any situation. I am still learning even after being in the photography industry as long as I have. I am looking forward to the network and for helping others in any way that I can.


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