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Perfect Photographer for the Photographer’s Daughter

Photographers needs photographers too! Whether for weddings, events, and even birthdays, our memories also deserved to be preserved. Fortunately for members of QPSC, we have an entire network of photographers from around the state to call on whenever we need perfect captures. ┬áThat’s just what Tamara Keitt of Purple Goose Photography did for her daughter, Daya’s Sweet Sixteen photos.

“I chose Whitley [of Sincerely Yours Photography] ┬ábecause we have worked together in the past on projects and she had built a repertoire with my daughter. A repertoire that as a mother being her photographer, is much harder to get her to cooperate at 16. I also wanted to be a part of this special time and enjoy the day with my family. I stress to families how important photos are and sometimes am so busy photographing them, that I forget to get into my own photographs. It was difficult to hire another photographer, but it was also liberating. I trusted Whitley, and gave her full control. And she did an awesome job!”

Thanks to Tamara for submitting Daya’s session via our reader submission process. If you’ve had some photos taken by any of our QPSC members or another woman of color photographer, submit your photos HERE. We’d love to highlight your photographer and showcase your lovely story via photos.

We’d like to wish Daya a very happy 16th. Enjoy these photos from her session with Sincerely Yours Photography.

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