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instagram for photography business

Why Photographers Need Instagram for their Business

If you’re a photographer, here’s why you need to use Instagram for your business.

Why You Need Instagram First

We chose Instagram (IG) first because it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. As of mid December 2016 Instagram had 600 Million Users (and counting). 100 Million of them joined between July & Dec 2016. However, beyond the numbers this is a 100%, absolutely FREE option for you to use to market and grow your business.

instagram for photography business

Photo Credit: Aneris Photography

Benefits of using Instagram

Marketing for FREE

What does this mean? Well basically with Instagram you can take your images from sessions, styled shoots, etc… and post them to your IG account to showcase your work. There are different tips we will discuss below to help put more eyes on your work. You can link to your website (hopefully you have one of those) or to any other location where you may have additional Portfolio Galleries. You can run your own advertising through your post.

Network with People in your Industry

One thing that the Queen Photographers organization does is connect women of color (WOC) Photographers in different states with other WOC photographers right in their own backyard. For many it can be daunting to find others in your same field who also look like you. (read the co-founders open letter about this very topic here). It’s important as you grow your business to have others that you can relate to and collaborate with.  Being on Social Media and Instagram makes it that much easier to find your new Business Besties.


Photo Credit: Latoya Dixon Photography

Be Visible

Lets face it – our industry thrives on word of mouth for job leads. When you refer someone to a photographer and they have NOWHERE to go to, 1. see your work, 2. get to know you, and 3. contact you, then you run a greater risk of losing that client’s interest. We live in a world where people want information now. They don’t want to blindly reach out to someone and have to wait days for a call back or email. At least while they are waiting on you to contact them have a place where they can get a feel for your photography style and see if you are a right fit. Often times we are not the right photographer for them or they are not the right client for us. Knowing these things early can save everyone a lot of wasted time. We have a great post here that helps clients figure out what photography style fits them. I suggest as a photographer you check it out too. Maybe you are still trying to determine your own personal style. This may help you narrow it down further.

Do you have an Instagram account for your photography business? Share it in the comments!

This post was written by Queen Photographer Social Media Manager and member, Jeanette Brewster of Jean B. Photography.


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