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Studio 101 Workshop with Ty Williams of MPOV Photography

You Know I’m All About That Light, ‘Bout That Light, No Shadows

Knowing how to find light and find good light should be a photographer’s first homework lesson. After all, the word ‘photography’ is derived from the word element, photo, meaning “light”.  Many of us photographers start off shooting in available ambient light, what we call natural light.  Natural light is great because it’s free (thanks for the sunshine, God) and is provides a very soft, glowing touch when a subject is positioned properly within it.

But sometimes a photographer may need more than natural light. Sometimes the use of artificial lighting will add more drama, more POP, a more glamorous touch, studio photography! If you scour the Internet, you’ll find endless resources on how to get started with studio photography and it almost always involves investing in various types of fancy equipment that is heavy on the pockets.  This is why we reached out to Ty Williams of MPOV Photography to host an exclusive workshop for the Queen PhotograpHERs of SC to teach us all the basics of studio lighting and to give us a foundation of what to do to get started.

queen photographers of sc


Ty, an exceptional fashion photographer, hosted our workshop at his studio in Columbia, SC.  Over the course of the day, we learned about putting all of the elements of lighting together, how to “make light move”, and discussed some of the equipment one might need when building their own studio.

Here’s a recap of the session:

If you’re a novice photograpHER and you too want to join a community with other women of color photographers of all levels of experience to learn and grow with, then the QPSC might be for you. Simply email us at to say hello and tell us about where you are in your journey. We’d love to help you grow!


  • TyWilliams

    January 19, 2016

    Was an honor serving you Ladies! I look forward to the next one!! KEEP SHOOTING!

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