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Tips to Get Started with Instagram

Tips to Get Started with Instagram

Choosing a Username

Hopefully you have already decided on your business name. Whether you choose [your name] photography or or another, search to see if another user has beat you to the punch with that name or something similar. If your name is available on Instagram (IG), claim it ASAP. Even if you aren’t ready to post a single thing you want to secure it immediately. Make sure you consider the length of the name, how easy it is to spell, and how easy it is to recognize what line of work you do. That last part can be addressed in your bio but still something you want to consider.

What Do I Post?

The obvious answer is: images of your work. You can also post images of yourself (it’s okay to get personal to be personable). As a service-based business you are the face of your company. Make sure they know who you are.

Back to your work:  Make sure the images you share reflect the your ideal client and the services that you provide. If you post family sessions or maternity photos but you want to be known solely as a Wedding Photographer, do not post those images on your Instagram profile. Doing so will welcome inquiries for sessions outside of your niche or comfort zone. Do not confuse potential clients. You can have multiple services make sure you balance out the different niches you share.

Hashtags – what are those and what ones should I use?

When it comes to Instagram hashtags are the ONE thing that you MUST do if you want to maximize the potential of the right client finding you. There are 3 types of hashtags we suggest you use.

  1. Niche or Business specific –  (ex: #WeddingPhotographer, #SportsPhotography, #SeniorPortraits)
  2. Personal One for your Brand – Create a hashtag that someone can click on to find a solid representation of your work so that potential clients can find you. (ex. #QueenPhotogs, #QPSC) these two examples will always lead you back to the @QueenPhotogs Instagram account but they will also showcase all of our talented QP members in SC, NC & GA.
  3. Location or Trend-based  –  Tag the cities you service #YeahThatGreenville or #RockhillSC. Tag the demographic of people you service #Grads2K17 or #NewlyEngaged and #ExpectingMoms. Do some research to see which hashtags have high traffic to your specific location or theme. You can even combine to get even more specific. Try to use at least 6-11 hashtags in your post to maximize your reach, however Instagram allows you to use up to 30.

The Caption (What Do I Say?)

When it comes to captions you need to keep certain factors in mind. The main one being how engaged do you want your followers to be? There are three main categories to consider for content.

  1. Informative
  2. Inspiring
  3. Interactive

You want to keep a good rotation of these on your post. Informative posts could be information about behind the scenes at your shoots, what to expect, information on your overall service, and even a little bit of info about yourself to help them get to know you. Inspiring posts can include a simple quote or even an inspiring story about you or your client. For the third category, Interactive, you want to leave your Instagram follower with an open ended question that allows them to communicate with you and INTERACT. This gives you an opportunity to connect with them.

Meet People!

Don’t be selfish with the follows. Make sure you follow other people and interact with them. Spread the love, but do it genuinely. There are enough trolls and computer generated comments. You don’t want to be one of those people.




This post was written by Queen Photographer Social Media Manager, Jeanette Brewster.

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